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Beat the Heat Special!

Have some new things and some things that bloomed out just when my busy spring travels drew to a close.

Your choice of any of the below for $25 each!
Get 5 or more plants to the same address for $20 each!!!

The heat must've melted our brains! Take advantage before we come to our senses! Find pictures by searching the SlipperTalk forum or Googling. If they're around long enough, I'll try to post some pictures. Shipping at cost via USPS, delivery confirmation strongly recommended since plants don't like to be left on a sunny porch (decline Delivery Confirmation at your own risk). Typical fine print applies.

(P. Hsinying Algon X P. charlesworthii '#7')
This cross combines a spotted mahogany complex hybrid onto a great species. Hard to say how much the Paph. charlesworthii will shine through, we hope a lot. Husky plants should bloom this winter/spring. Single growth plants with 9-14" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

Paphiopedilum Prince Edward of York
(P. sanderianum 'Show Shan' X P. rothschildianum 'Hulk' SM/TPS)

A wonderful primary hybrid between two multifloral species- the long petaled (up to three feet!) Paph. sanderianum, and Paph. rothschildianum, king of Paphs, with a horizontal spread sometimes exceeding one foot. Blooms in spring to summer with three to five well-marked, stately, statuesque, imposing flowers with long, dangly, vertical petals. A must have! Single growth plants with 7-9" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

(P. Vanguard 'Stars & Stripes Forever' AM/AOS X P. niveum 'In­Charm' BM/TPS)

This hybrid is a look-alike for Paph. Woluwense (Paph. rothschildianum X Paph. niveum), but adds a needed dose of bloomability with the Paph. glaucophyllum in Paph. Vanguard (Paph. rothschildianum X Paph. glaucophyllum). Expect two to three semi-simultaneous flowers with white to off-white background and strong dark burgundy spots and markings. Blooming size, 8-10" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

(P. Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS X P. In­Charm White '#2171')

Paph. Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' is one of the most famous complex Paphs with its cherry, honey, and mahogany petals and pouch and white dorsal sepal spotted dark burgundy. To this day, one of the best spotted complex hybrids! Here, it is crossed onto a modern complex white hybrid with strong Brachypetalum influence. The expectation is white with a heavy saturation of pink to burgundy overlay and variable amounts of spotting. Should give very nice, long lasting, pretty flowers (one per inflorescence) in late winter or spring. Blooming size, 8-10" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

Paphiopedilum Angel Hair
(P. Saint Swithin 'Hsinying' X P. sanderianum '#7')

Very similar to Paph. Prince Edward of York, but in lighter colors. Sometimes these have longer petals too. Elegant, must have. 9-11" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

(P. Pine Glow X P. vietnamense 'October Bride')

Paph. Pine Glow is a Cochlopetalum hybrid (Paph. Pinocchio X Paph. glaucophyllum) resembling the species in that section. Gives several flowers successively over many months to years. Paph. vietnamense is behaving like Paph. delenatii in hybridization, but doesn't tend to hide color and, in fact, lends more intense coloration. Expect flowers similar to Paph. Gina Short, Paph. Deperle, etc but heavier, darker pink overlay. Update: the first have bloomed and they blow Gina Short and friends out of the water! Big! Bold pinks! Two to three flowers with good lasting qualities! Fuzzy! They are a little wacky in the form department, but still very nice. Get one of these- you'll like it! Blooming size, 6-10" leafspan, 2.25" pot.

Paphiopedilum Spring Moonbeam
(P. Luna Jewel 'The Dorse' X P. sukhakulii forma aureum 'Classic')

Big, nice green Maudiae-type hybrid that strongly resembles huge, albino sukhakuliis. Previously bloomed, 5-7" leafspan, 3.25" pot.

Paphiopedilum Mount Avalon
(P. Mount Toro 'Stoned' X P. Avalon Mist 'Sunshine')

These are neat. Resembles Paph. Honey, but certainly different, and the Paph. stonei influence is usually apparent in the dorsal speal and petals. Surprisingly compact plants. Previously bloomed, 3.25" pot.

(P. Deperle 'Pristine' X P. Wellesleyanum 'Golden Blush')

These look a lot like Paph. Deperle, but have THICK substance and have more freckles. In bloom, 3.25" pots.

Paphiopedilum Honey
(P. philippinense '#44' X P. primulinum forma flavum)

A classic multifloral by successive primary hybrid. Very nice flowers. Vigorous plants. Previously bloomed, multi-growth, 3.25" pots.

Paphiopedilum Gina Short
(P. delenatii 'Morning Pink' X P. Pinocchio 'Popples')

These have been mostly white, so they look a lot like Paph. Deperle. In bloom, 3.25" pots.

Paphiopedilum Nike's Sunny Delight
(P. Avalon Mist 'Sunshine' X P. Pinocchio forma flavum 'Yellowtail')

Well, these look like Paph. primulinum honestly. Very vigorous. In bloom, 3.25" pots.

Paphiopedilum primulinum fma. flavum
('Flutter' X 'Surprise')

A couple of these are currently in bloom. 3.25" pots.

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